In or out of the loop – query_posts versus get_posts

Had some little time to explorer the functions which retrieve the posts. Until now I didn’t know the difference between query_posts and get_posts

The Codex is quiet clear on this:

The query_posts() function is intended to be used to modify the main page loop only. It is not intended as a means to create secondary loops on the page. If you want to create separate Loops outside of the main one, you should use get_posts() instead. Use of query_posts() on loops other than the main one can result in your main loop becoming incorrect and possibly displaying things that you were not expecting.

UPDATE: All the above is true, but….

Both functions use the same WP_Query object. Practically this means different behaviors on different pages. If the page is an category archive the WP_Query object, which is used by the above functions side by side, contains other posts then on the frontpage. The behavior is still not as I expect it to be, but bottom line is that it isn’t what I expect from it. The next post on this page sumarizes the problem with indepth knowledge:

WP uses an object called $wp_query for the main loop. We usually don’t see this object because it’s hidden behind have_posts() and the_post() that are only wrappers for $wp_query->have_posts() and $wp_query->the_post()

If you want to modify the main loop you should use query_posts() before the loop.

If you want another loop you can reutilize the $wp_query object using query_posts() before that new loop. This can be done many times if needed.

If for some reason you need to keep the $wp_query object around THEN you should use WP_Query. And of course, because have_posts() and the_post() are wrappers for $wp_query object you can’t use them with WP_Query. You should rather use $your_query_obj->have_posts() i.e.

$sidebar= WP_Query('category_name= sidebar'); 
while( $sidebar->have_posts() ): 

A good case where WP_Query could be better than query_posts() is a left sidebar. As the code loop for the sidebar will probably be put on top of the main loop, a query_posts() call will have changed the $wp_query object and also changed the main loop. In this case to use query_posts()at the sidebar code you will also need to use query_posts() before the main loop to query the proper content for that loop.


So using WP_Query for this case will keep $wp_query and therefore the main loop untouched…..

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